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The Dixie State University Student Association Clubs and Organizations will actively engage with students of all interests and will actively support clubs that provide places, meetings, and events for individuals of similar interests. This close collaboration will enrich the students’ experience at DSU as they will be creating a network of friends and professional contacts all while being a member or leader of a University affiliated organization.


The DSUSA Clubs and Organizations is one of five branches of Student Government that provides networking, education, training, and financial support for all 80+ clubs (and growing!). A staff member and the DSUSA Vice President of Clubs and Organizations leads the Clubs branch which consists of eight student leaders: The VP of Clubs and Organizations, the executive assistant to the VP of Clubs; and six club reps: Multicultural Clubs Rep, Non-traditional Clubs Rep, Academic Clubs Rep, Athletic Clubs Rep, Health Sciences Clubs Rep, and Organizations Rep.

The six clubs representatives are voting members of the Clubs Council (CC) and Inter-Club Council (ICC). The six rep’s are all assigned multiple clubs to be the liaison between the clubs and organizations and DSUSA/ICC. The VP of Clubs and Organizations provides training, marketing support, education, and financial assistance to all DSU clubs through the ICC. Financial assistance is provided by student fees that the University collects every semester; the financial assistance provided by ICC is used to help clubs attend conferences, conventions, host events, and better their organization therefore representing the students of DSU both locally and abroad on national and international fields.

There are many clubs that work together to capitalize on the networking opportunities presented to them by hosting events, fundraisers, service projects, and attending conferences and conventions to further their club members education in real world application and enhance the student experience.

Getting Involved

To find out more about DSUSA Clubs and Organizations, all of the clubs or organizations offered at DSU, or to start a new club please stop by the Student Involvement and Leadership Department on the second floor of the Gardner Center in the Student Government room or The office of our advisor Joel Griffin’s office.

DSUSA Free Speech Policy

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