Start a Club

Step 1

  • Decide on a name for your club or organization; write a mission statement or a
    constitution briefly describing your clubs objective, purpose, rules, and regulation.

Step 2

  • Find an advisor for your club or organization. The advisor must be a Dixie State
    University faculty, staff or administrator.

Step 3

  • Find a minimum of 10 members consisting of: the club Presidency: President, V.P.,
    Secretary, and Treasurer (all 4 officers must be full-time students). Remaining 6 members
    must take a minimum of 4 credits

Step 4

  • Upon approval your club is required to set up an Orgsync account to be fully established
    and recognized as a club or organization on campus:
  1. Login to Orgsync in order to register a New Club or Organization, (if you don’t have an account you must create one before you are able to proceed with this process).
  2. Once you’re logged into Orgsync, click on the “My Memberships” tab at the top of the screen then “All Memberships”.
  3. Click on the green “Register New Organization” tab, then select the DSU Student Association umbrella and then press submit.
  4. Input all the information from your proposal, also club meetings with day and time, and generate a logo.
  5. Agree to abide by ICC Requirements, official bylaws, and DSU Campus policies, and procedures
  6. Ensure that you are an Administrator over your page
  7. Must input contact information both phone # and email
  8. Required to join/be a member of the ICC Portal

Step 5

  • Now you are ready to set up a time to present your potential club to the ICC. You can
    contact the V.P. of Clubs & Orgs at or visit the
    student government office room 200 upstairs in the Gardner Center.

Step 6

  • Allow at least 24 hours for Orgsync webpage assessment and final approval from the
    V.P. of Clubs & Organizations or Director of Student Involvement & Leadership.

Click below to log in or sign up for OrgSync


Click here to register a new club or organization
(An OrgSync account is required to register a new club.)