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As you may have seen across campus, student government elections are now in full swing! Many of you probably wonder “Why should I care about this?” Hopefully this post will help you understand why.

What do all these positions do?

Perhaps the most important student position on campus is the student body president. As the chief officer for the Dixie State University Student Association, the president represents the general student voice to university administration and is a voting member of the Dixie State University Board of Trustees. The president also works with the four vice-presidents to oversee all functions of the DSUSA within the branches of clubs, student life, publicity and academics. The president provides training to all student leaders during retreats and helps each department set and achieve goals in accordance with the DSUSA mission.

One of the largest and most important tasks of the student body president is overseeing the student fee allocation committee, which meets at the beginning of each calendar year to determine any changes to the student fee structure for the following academic year. For more about this process, you can read our previous post here: http://dixiestudentlife.com/studentfees/



DSUSA Student Body President: Full Tuition Scholarship plus Stipend (25 hours per week)
The DSUSA Student Body President (SBP) is the Chief Executive Officer for DSUSA, and represents the collective voice of the DSU student body in numerous capacities. The (SBP) sits on various campus committees, meets with school faculty and administration, and is a voting member of the Dixie State Board of Trustees. The SBP oversees all student government functions including: leadership trainings, retreats, forums etc. The SBP is the chair of the Executive Council and is responsible for helping guide the Vice Presidents in leading their individual branches and fulfilling their objectives and goals. The SBP along with the entire Executive Council oversee the allocation of student fees.

Vice President of Clubs & Organizations (Executive Council Member): Full Tuition Scholarship plus Stipend (20 hours per week)
The Clubs & Organizations Vice President serves as a member of the Student Association Executive Council (EC) and is a liaison between the EC and all student clubs and organizations. The Vice President of Clubs & Organizations heads the Inter Club Council, oversees weekly club meetings, and assisting all clubs and organizations to promote and market themselves to the DSUSA student body.