Freedom Week • Oct. 2nd – 6th, 2017

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Freedom Week is full of activities to become more politically engaged and celebrate our country and freedom! Freedom Week 2017 will be as followed:

Kick Off • Monday, October 2nd: This is the kickoff event for our week long freedom celebration called Freedom Week. Red, white, and blue breakfast with berries, cream, syrup, and pancakes/french toast sticks! Information about the week full of events will be advertised. Free event with free food.

Freedom Writers • Tuesday, October 3rd: This is a lunchtime event creating the opportunity to write letters to members of the military (overseas soldiers, marines, sailors, etc), and to representatives/legislators (politicians, state and federal, in congress). It will be a lively activity that makes expressing appreciation to military, or inquiring and voicing opinions to politicians. All necessary materials will be provided, including paper, pens, envelopes, writing prompts, etc, everything to make it easy for students to make their voice heard. There will be yummy finger food, and drinks. Free event with free food.

America Night • Wednesday, October 4th: This WednesD evening event of freedom will feature an All-American Movie: Top Gun! Activities prior to the movie will include music, food (pie), games, a food-eating contest. Bring blankets, friends, and your best red/white/blue freedom attire! Free event with free food.

Pizza and Politics: Freedom of Speech • Thursday, October 5th: This Pizza and Politics event will be all about the ins and outs of the first amendment, focusing on freedom of speech! Students and faculty are welcome to come learn about freedom of speech, and join the discussion. The speaker will be Eric Young, a DSU Media Studies and Communication professor. There will be pizza factory pizza! Free event with free food.

Downtown Georgefest Oktoberfest Celebration • Friday, October 6th: First Friday in St George means the nightlife emerges in St George, this event is an Oktoberfest celebration! The DSU Institute of Politics will be hosting a booth at this Georgefest event. Come visit us, and enjoy the the live music and dancing, food and drink, shops, and other booths.