Heyyo! I’m Ezra Hainsworth, your 2017-18 student Body President. Fun facts about me: I sleep in a hammock every night, my biggest regret about going to Mexico for spring break was not eating more tacos, and I believe Dixie State University is the greatest school on earth.

That being said I’d like to welcome you to my favorite place on earth. Dixie is a wonderful place full of adventure, excitement, and amazing people. I hope to be able to meet you over the course of the next year (I’m still working on being good with names but I never forget a face).

I would highly encourage you to get involved and live up your time here in school. These can be some of the best times of your life, but you have to go look for it because opportunity doesn’t always knock on your door. Take advantage of the resources Dixie State has to offer to not only better your academic performance but your life in general. Work hard. Play Hard. Go Trailblazers!!