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Each year, the Student Fee Allocation Committee (SFAC) meets to recommend changes to the student fee structure for the following year. The SFAC is a recommending body, consisting of the DSUSA Executive Council and two students at large; appointed by the DSUSA President. They review approximately half of the fees each year, so that every fee comes to report on the usage of their fee every other year.

After the initial hearings and reports, the SFAC then passes their recommendation to the University Executive Staff and then to the University Board of Trustees. Eventually, every school’s student fee structure is sent to the Governor for final approval. Student fees typically rise a small amount each year, in order to keep up with the needs of the student body and to keep them proportionate to tuition costs.

The Student Fees Allocation Committee (SFAC) proposed a 4.9% student fee increase for the 2017-2018 academic school year, in alignment with the potential tuition increase. The increase of $18 includes four fee increases, one fee reallocation/absorption, and one new fee addition. This student fee proposal was approved and ratified by the Dixie State University Board of Trustees.

The 2017-18 DSU Student Fee’s are as follows:

Athletics – $81.00

Human Performance Center Fund – $115.75

DSUSA – $36.00

Recreation/Intramurals/Fitness – $27.00

Instructional Computers – $26.00

Student Center Operations – $26.50

Department of Student Involvement – $16.00

Health and Wellness Center – $15.50

Testing Center – $7.00

New Student Center Fund – $5.00

Campus Facilities Maintenance – $4.50

One Time Expense Fund – $5.00

Radio and Broadcast Advertising – $2.00

Fine Arts – $3.00

Writing Center – $4.00

Dixie Sun News – $1.00

Multicultural and Diversity – $4.00

Student ID Card – $1.00

AED – $0.25

Institute of Politics and Public Affairs – $1.00

Total 2017-18 Student Fee – $386.00