Student Senate Minutes – January 10, 2014

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[DSUSA SENATE MEETING] January 10, 2014



Greg Layton, DSUSA Vice President
Mariah Stout, Education Senator
Alex Lambson, CIT Senator
Brandon Shubert, Business Senator Excused Absence

Samantha Tommer, Communication Senator

School Song Open Discussion

• Calorie count Call to Order

Approve Agenda:

Aimee Newsham, Math & Biology Senator Camara Rauen, Humanities Senator D’Andre Mathews, Health Sciences Senator Excused Absence

Eryka Averett, Fine Arts Senator Kathleen Weaver, Senate Admin Assistant

  • Revisions: cross out Newsham’s Chemistry Bill (It’s not ready yet)
  • Motioned by Lambson
  • Seconded by Stout
  • Vote: 6-0-2

    Approve Last Week’s Minutes:

  • None because last meeting was at Golden Corral Bills:
  • Newsham: Two students from the Biology Department want to do studies on bacteria; they are ordering 2 colonies of cardiovascular disease bacteria and shipping them for $325 apiece with $50 shipping. This comes to $700 total and they are asking for half of that, or $300. This benefits Dixie by possibly getting the findings about a previously unstudied species of bacteria published, and the more this happens the more funding Dixie will get for their science department and the more research can happen.

    o Investigation Committee: Averett and Tommer

  • FYI: we have a list of all our bills for the last few years
  • Bill in the Works: Tommer has a Communication Department bill; they’re planning on

    going to a research conference/undergrad communication research fair in Anaheim in February

    Old Business:

• PR Campaign:
o Whole Campaign Strategy: Jan 17th deadline. Brainstorm ideas
o Posters: Jan 15th. Jordon is going to take over getting these made. Assignment:

email Jordon with senate bio by Monday night at the latest. o Pictures: Jan 10th

• Hidden Treasure:

[DSUSA SENATE MEETING] January 10, 2014

o Discussion about how to incorporate this. We want to use this to build up excitement before the big concert and/or part of the PR campaign.

• Big Activity: Decided that it will be Department Legislation Day. We’ll possibly have preliminary judging and then hold the final event in the Gardner Ballroom on a Wednesday. We may have students help judge.

New Business

  • Cash Cab: Stout and Tommer
  • Jordon Sharp: reminder to everyone to visit with your deans or chairs once a

    month! It’s part of your stipend!

  • Set up times for personal meetings with Layton

    Upcoming Events:

  • Pep Rally: Tonight at 7pm; if you want to come help at 6:20 Greg will love you
  • Basketball Game: Saturday at 7pm; Stomp afterwards
  • Wednes-D: Battle of the Sexes


  • Everyone: remember to contact and meet with the chairs and/or deans of all your departments every month!
  • Everyone: Write up your Senator Bio (Text Kat if you don’t know what to put on it) and send it in an email to Jordon by MONDAY!!!!!!!
  • Aimee: Have the students from the Biology bill come to the meeting next week to see it pass
  • Eryka: follow-up with the orchestra bill and report back on the findings.
  • Everyone: Think of an item to use for the hidden treasure and some logistics for how

    to incorporate it; bring idea to meeting next week.

  • Mariah and Sam: Cash Cab!

    Motion to Adjourn

  • Motioned by Tommer
  • Seconded by everyone