Student Senate Minutes – January 17, 2014

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Greg Layton, DSUSA Vice President
Mariah Stout, Education Senator
Alex Lambson, CIT Senator
Brandon Shubert, Business Senator Samantha Tommer, Communication Senator Tardy- Excused

School Song Open Discussion

Aimee Newsham, Math & Biology Senator Camara Rauen, Humanities Senator D’Andre Mathews, Health Sciences Senator Eryka Averett, Fine Arts Senator

Kathleen Weaver, Senate Admin Assistant

• Attended by three of the four students from Newsham’s Biology bill last week. They need the funding to get bacteria to do studies on.

Call to Order Approve Agenda:

  • Revisions: cross out Newsham’s Chemistry Bill (It’s not ready yet)
  • Motioned by Stout
  • Seconded by Mathews
  • Vote: 8-0-0

    Approve Last Week’s Minutes:

  • Motioned by Stout
  • Seconded by Newsham
  • Vote 8-0-0


  • Report on the Biology Bill 14-1-xx
    o $350 is enough to cover everything. Sam is excited about bacteria! So is Mariah! o Motion to pass the bill by Tommer
    o Seconded by Stout
    o Vote 8-0-0
  • Bills in the Works: Layton mentioned that we may soon be looking at a grant to some students who want to do sustainability research about water allocation, solar panels etc.

    Old Business:

• PR Campaign: Each Senator has ideas for what PR would be helpful.
o Sponsoring/representing at a career fair
o Wear shirts/nametags on Wednes-D
o Combined Senate video, breakfasts more often and advertised w/ help from PR o Make announcements at the beginning of every class, hand out list of bills

we’ve already done

[DSUSA SENATE MEETING] January 17, 2014

o Business cards, posters
o Make a QR code or easy hyperlink for the Bill Request Form
o Move location of our meetings to somewhere less out-of-the-way, advertise

meetings with posters in advance, individual commercials
o Utilize Sun News, school radio station, the weekly Dixie Sun News Show, get

emails from all the students in capstone classes and email them about what we

do, put picture/short bio on the TV’s on campus
o Social media: Instagram, Facebook especially
o Fun activity with food, announcements, and telling everyone how to get money

from the Senate. Grants, including a humanitarian grant. Have personalized

Senate shirts.
• Of those ideas, the Senate picked 5 to discuss:

  1. Mathews motioned to do personalized department commercials. Seconded by Rauen.
    1. Discussion: we shouldn’t do individual ones, but everyone should be involved in just one video.
    2. Motion to revise to above stipulations by Stout
    3. Seconded by Tommer
    4. Vote 8-0-0
    5. Due Date: have the date set and everyone have their script written by Friday,

      Jan. 31. Brainstorm ideas for what the video should run like. Rauen and Weaver

      are going to contact the commercial guy.

  2. Shubert motioned to move the location of the Senate Meeting.
  3. Layton motioned to publicize the Senate Meetings through moving the location to

    Conference Room C and getting A-frames outside all that week. Seconded by Stout.

a. Vote: 8-0-0

  1. Mathews motioned to allot 10 $250 grants and give them to deserving people.
    1. Discussion, but no second.
    2. Layton motioned to revise, and put Mathews in charge of creating a plan for

      how we would run the grant system if it were put in use; call other universities

      and ask them if they have something similar etc.

    3. Seconded by Newsham
    4. Vote 5-0-3
    5. Due Date: By Friday, January 24, Mathews will present on his proposal with

      logistics for the idea.

  2. Tommer motioned to utilize the Dixie Sun News and TV show. Seconded by Stout.
    1. Discussion: Tommer put in charge of setting up the appointments.
    2. Vote: 7-0-1
  3. Shubert motioned to place posters in all the upper-division classrooms, with

    permission of the Department. Alos place on Department Posting Boards with permission.

[DSUSA SENATE MEETING] January 17, 2014 • Big Activity: We should change the name of Department Legislation Day. Think of

something catchy and email Layton or Weaver with ideas.

New Business

• Cash Cab: Mathews and Averett Upcoming Events:

• Wednes-D: Dew Pong @ 7:30 Assignments:

• Everyone look back through the minutes and find what your assignments are! Motion to Adjourn

  • Motioned by Tommer
  • Seconded by Stout
  • Vote: 7-0-1

• Hidden Treasure: tabled til next week