Student Senate Minutes – January 24, 2014

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Greg Layton, DSUSA Vice President
Mariah Stout, Education Senator
Alex Lambson, CIT Senator
Brandon Shubert, Business Senator Samantha Tommer, Communication Senator

School Song Open Discussion Call to Order Approve Agenda:

Aimee Newsham, Math & Biology Senator Camara Rauen, Humanities Senator D’Andre Mathews, Health Sciences Senator Eryka Averett, Fine Arts Senator

Kathleen Weaver, Senate Admin Assistant

  • Revisions: Add bullet point to talk about capstone classes
  • Motioned by Mathews
  • Seconded by Tommer
  • Vote: 8-0-0

    Approve Last Week’s Minutes:

  • Revisions: Add reminders for logging hours on OrgSync to Assignments
  • Motioned by Stout
  • Seconded by Lambson
  • Vote 8-0-0

    Training: Parliamentary Procedure

• Process of getting a motion passed:
o Wait until the last speaker has finished, address the chairman and wait to be

o Once floor is obtained, speak clearly and succinctly; move for actions not

o If there is no second, the motion is lost.
o If there is a second, the chairman states the motion
o Debate if necessary; now is the time to explain why this motion would be

useful. Address the chairman.
o If no more discussion, Chairman calls for a vote

Old Business: PR Campaign

• Senate Commercial:
o Lambson motioned that we put Rauen in charge of storyboarding the commercial, with a due date of Tuesday Jan. 28th.

o Seconded by Stout

o Vote: 8-0-0

o Everyone: Email her storyboard or script ideas at ————-

  • Publicize Senate Meeting: Layton couldn’t reserve any other room, but he did get an

    A-frame that we can use to publicize outside our door.

  • Mathew’s Grant Idea: It’s being put on the back seat for now.

    o Motion to postpone indefinitely: Lambson o Seconded by Newsham
    o Vote 8-0-0

  • Utilize Dixie Sun News, Radio Station and TV Show:
    o Tommer has been working on this. The radio station manager offered us a free

    spot on the air for a 30-second commercial. Layton put Tommer in charge of

    writing up the script for the commercial; due date is Monday, January 27th

  • Layton brought up the question of making a Senate Instagram page.

o Discussion: It would take too much work to get a following on a completely new page; we should use the dsusa page that’s already got a huge following

o Motion to use the existing dsusa Instagram page and create our own hashtag o Seconded by everyone
o Vote: 8-0-0

  • Using the Dixie Sun News and the TV Show: Tommer says there will be a reporter attending the meetings to publicize them starting next week. So far there hasn’t been any leads on the TV show, but they’re working on it
  • Posters in the Departments: They’re being made right now. Everyone is in charge of going to the intern’s office from 9-12 on Monday (or getting the pictures from Layton) and picking the one they want to be on their poster.
  • Capstone Class Discussion: How should we write up bills for capstone classes?
    o We may explore a new section in the Bylaws specifically for funding capstones. o What types of things can go under article VII about research funding?

    ! Food incentives for a focus group for a senior project: No because the slippery slope could lead to other funding of parties.

    ! Printing costs for surveys: Yes

    ! Senior recitals for music majors: Maybe

  • Lambson motioned the idea of changing the wording of the bill to read more like plain


o Seconded by Tommer
o Discussion/clarification: Remove “Whereas” and “Be it appropriated” etc. in the bill templates.

o Motion to deny the motion: Stout o Seconded by Mathews
o Vote: 7-1-0
o Motion revoked

• Emailing/visiting Senior Seminar Classes Hidden Treasure:

  • Motion to make the Hidden Treasure Item a key and to put Lambson in charge of obtaining it: Lambson
  • Seconded by Stout
  • Vote: 7-0-1

    Department Legislation Day: If you have a better idea for a name, text Layton. New Business

    • Cash Cab improvements: food prizes, better NYT prizes, include questions about DSUSA student government, Senate. Hand out a double-sided flyer about Senate with contact information (talk to Miles)
    • Cash Cab Assigned for the week: Stout and Shubert
    • Motion to make special shirts for the Senate by Mathews
    • Seconded by Tommer
    • Purpose: to be awesome and recognition.
    • Vote: 5-1-1

      Upcoming Events:

• Wednes-D: Bingo in the Gardner Center Assignments:

• Everyone look back through the minutes and find what your assignments are! Motion to Adjourn

  • Motioned by Lambson
  • Seconded by Tommer
  • Vote: 7-0-1