Student Senate Minutes – January 31, 2014

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Greg Layton, DSUSA Vice President
Mariah Stout, Education Senator
Alex Lambson, CIT Senator
Brandon Shubert, Business Senator
Samantha Tommer, Communication Senator
Aimee Newsham, Math & Biology Senator Tardy
Camara Rauen, Humanities Senator
D’Andre Mathews, Health Sciences Senator
Eryka Averett, Fine Arts Senator
Kathleen Weaver, Senate Admin Assistant 

School Song Open Discussion Call to Order Approve Agenda:

  • Motioned by Stout
  • Seconded by Tommer
  • Vote: 8-0-0Approve Last Week’s Minutes:
  • Motioned by Stout
  • Seconded by Shubert
  • Vote 8-0-0Training: Via the Incredible Jordon Sharp

Aimee Newsham, Math & Biology Senator Tardy
Camara Rauen, Humanities Senator D’Andre Mathews, Health Sciences Senator Eryka Averett, Fine Arts Senator

Kathleen Weaver, Senate Admin Assistant

  • Committees: This is an awesome opportunity to represent students’ voice. Everyone who is on a committee, contact the chair of their committee (You all received lovely lists) and find out when the meetings are!
  • Department Contact Follow-Up: Everyone reported on their contact with the departments:

o Newsham: Made contact with Math, Physical Sciences 2x, Biology 3x, and the dean. (Lambson: “What a dick”)

o Stout: Made contact with Integrated Studies, and not yet Education or FACS.
o Rauen: Contacted Criminal Justice and History; tried hard on English and Psych

but no answer as yet.
o Lambson: Not yet made contact with Dean; hasn’t tried Automotive yet.
o Tommer: Contacted Chair, two professors over capstone classes, and has a bill

in the works from another professor.
o Shubert: Attending department meetings and met with department chair
o Averett: Met with all department chairs 2x. New bill in the works.
o Mathews: Met with Dean and all department chairs at once. Also, we should give the senators a full-on scholarship.

o Jordon: We will give the Senators a full-ride when they come to the leaders saying that they can’t do all the stuff they want to do for their position in the 5 hours. ☺

  • OrgSync: When you submit your hours, make sure and describe the activity you’re logging in the space for “Activity Name”, not in the Description bar below.
  • Tommer Communication Bill: 7 full-time students of journalism want to go to the Associated Collegiate Press conference (professional and high-profile) in LA. They will be competing for “Best of Show”, and thus the bill falls under Article II of the bylaws. The students have already bought airfare totaling $644. The department is funding $670 and the students are asking for $1200 which is half of the total $2400 they would need to cover lodging, registration fees and transportation. The students will be here on Friday to support the bill.o Investigation Committee: Newsham and Rauen. Work with Tommer this week to determine the best way to allocate the money. Due date: Wednesday, Feb. 5.
  • Senate Commercial: Rauen is almost done storyboarding and it is creative and adorable; once she is we will begin filming. Tommer and Lambson are providing the filming equipment.o Motion to make the deadline to finish filming on Saturday, Feb. 8: motioned by Lambson

    o Seconded by Tommer

    o Vote: 7-0-1

  • Utilize Dixie Sun News, Radio Station and TV Show: The script has been written (oneminor change was taken care of) and it should run 5 or so times a day on 93.1.
  • Posters in the Departments: Keep posting them. And if you share a building, post yourpictures next to each other and you can have a “Who’s the Prettiest?” contest.
  • Capstone Classes/Senior Seminar Classes: If you haven’t gotten a hold of the capstoneclasses in your departments, just do it. Either email them or visit them personally.

    Hidden Treasure:

• Lambson is working on getting the key made; tabled til next week after filming is done.

New Business

  • Cash Cab: use sunglasses, cowbells and rice crispies as prizes
  • Senate Breakfast: tabled til after the commercial is madeUpcoming Events: Assignments:

[DSUSA SENATE MEETING] January 31, 2014

  • Everyone: Find out when your committee meetings are and attend them!
  • Investigation Committee: Newsham and Rauen (talk with Tommer)
  • Cash Cab for this week: Mathews and LambsonMotion to Adjourn
  • Motioned by Stout
  • Seconded by Tommer
  • Vote: 7-0-1